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Public Participation

There is an important role to be played by Non Government Organisations (NGOs), sectoral interest groups and general public in the implementation of the WFD. This is recognised in the Directive which states "the success of the WFD relies on close co-operation and coherent action at Community, Member State and local level as well as on information, consultation and involvement of the public users".

The public will be kept informed of the principle issues emerging throughout the project by means of direct consultation and media usage. A forthcoming events listing on this website will play a role in making sure interested parties are aware of public presentations and similar activities.

The views and concerns of NGOs, interest groups and individuals are especially welcome and those interested in making comment or observation are invited to forward their written submissions on all matters of relevance to the project. All submissions received will be fully considered in the preparation of the NS Share River Basin Management System.

This website along with associated websites of the NS SHARE project, and those of the relevant national organisations, will make available key project documents and reports along with interactive reporting tool to allow the visitor to find out about the risk assessment results (under Article 5 of the Directive) in their area.

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